Fetch! Dog Training uses Positive Reinforcement training methods. I focus on the key concepts of Motivation, Consistency and Timing and teach you how to apply these to training and modifying behaviors.


Positive Reinforcement is a science-based training technique with a proven history of positive outcomes. It is one of four quadrants of Operant Conditioning developed by B.F. Skinner.


I focus primarily on Positive Reinforcement because in this quadrant we add something to make a desirable behavior happen more often – i.e. a treat when your dog sits.


With positive reinforcement, we set our dogs up for success and focus on rewarding the good behaviors while managing and modifying the behaviors we don’t want to occur.


We begin with food rewards during the initial phase of learning in order to really reinforce the behaviors. As the behaviors become more reliable, food can be phased out and the behaviors can be maintained with life rewards (like Fetch!), praise and the occasional food.


Fetch! never uses fear or physical punishment during training, including the use of prong, choke or shock collars.