Who Can attend?

We encourage all family members to get involved and join us (well behaved children over 7)!
This gives everyone the opportunity to practice new skills with the guidance of our experienced staff.

We recommend that one person takes the lead each class to minimize your dog’s potential confusion.


What should I bring to class?

  • Treats ! Bring a selection of bite-sized treats that your dog finds motivating.
  • Leash – 5 or 6 foot, no retractable leashes please
  • Collar – Flat or martigale collar or harness. No prong, pinch or electric collars.
  • Records – Please bring your dogs most recent vaccination records, vet receipts are acceptable.

If my dog is in heat, can they attend?

Dogs in heat are allowed to attend class as long as they are wearing appropriate diapers.

They will not be allowed to interact with other dogs during this time.


Is there a discount for dogs adopted from shelter or rescue organization?

Fetch! Dog Training loves our rescue dogs.

We offer a discount on most group classes and private sessions to our shelter/rescue dogs – $20 off most group classes and $10 off individual sessions is generally applied.

Please tell us that they are from a rescue or shelter when you register for the discount to be applied.


What Methods do you use to train?

Fetch! Dog Training utilizes positive reinforcement techniques that help motivate your dog to learn. These motivators range from, treats, praise, toys and even other dogs! This is a science-based approach to dog training which builds trust and a strong working relationship without the use of harsh methods.


What types of collars and leashes are not acceptable?

The following cannot be used during classes or private lessons:

  • Prong collars
  • Choke chains
  • Retractable Leashes
  • Electric (shock) Collars

How do I register for class?

To register for class at Glenview Animal Hospital, call 708-606-8276 or email training@fetch-dogtraining.com and tell us what class you would like to attend.

We will collect your registration information and send you the registration paperwork.

Payment for class is due on or before the first class and can be Cash, Check or Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard).
To register for class at Glenview View Park District, please visit www.glenviewparks.org and register through their programs page.


How many dogs are in a class?

Fetch! Dog Training classes are kept small with no more than 6 dogs per class, 7 in puppy classes.


How long are classes?

Classes are one hour per week for six weeks, unless otherwise specified.


Can you guarantee results?

While we love to see you and your dogs succeed, there are many variables to the level of success that comes from training.

One of those main variables is the amount of time dedicated to training outside of class and private lessons.

At Fetch! Dog Training , we aren’t just training your dog, we are training you to train your dog so that everyone succeeds for the long term.

In order to see real results, you must commit to training your dog consistently throughout the week.

We will work together to set realistic goals for training. Remember, even a few minutes of training a day can make a big difference.


Do packages expire?

Yes, packages expire within 12 months from the purchase date.


What can I expect during a private lesson?

A one hour, private lesson with our trainer is a customized experience.

Before the lesson, we take the time to understand your training goals and work to meet those goals during our time.

Each private lesson is followed up with a detailed summary and supporting materials so you have as much information as possible to be successful during your training.


Phone and email support are also available at no charge for private lessons.