What Our Customers Are Saying

Sheree L. :

Nancy was so incredibly helpful yesterday in teaching us how to handle our delightful and energetic puppy. Practicing what she taught us, knotted ropes ordered and should be here later today.

This morning I was able to walk around with a long dangling toy which he went after rather than my legs and robe!

I am grinning in gratitude and I keep saying “ Thank you Nancy” . It’s wonderful not to be bitten and yelping.”



Pete and Beth Lent :

“We have been so pleased with our private training sessions with Nancy and our young Aussie-doodle.  She has wonderful intuition with dogs, and we learn as much as our dog from our time spent with Nancy.”



Cristina Chung :

“As a first time dog parent, I was greatly invested in training my new fur baby and learning as much as possible about how to be a good dog parent. 

Within one month of having our puppy at home, I had already sought the assistance of three different trainers, all with different styles. 

I found Nancy to be kind and firm in how she worked with our dog, without being militant.  She was encouraging and patient, and understood that, sometimes, dogs will be dogs and humans have busy lives. 

Nancy was extremely communicative and responded to emails quickly.  I also took several classes with her at the Glenview Animal Hospital and learned a lot from each class.  Nancy is so knowledgeable about dog behavior and is wonderful at what she does!”



Rose and Pete :

“Nancy was a lifesaver with helping train our medium labradoodle puppy. She has a wonderful presence around dogs (Dipper immediately listened to her as soon as she walked into our home) and she has given us may invaluable tips to not only help us train our dog, but also to better understand his behavior and thought process. We feel like we have been able to cultivate a deeper connection with Dipper thanks to Nancy’s guidance.”  



Irena and Phil :

“In a word, Nancy is magic. My husband and I had both group classes and privates with Nancy for our puppy. It was amazing to watch how quickly he learned with her from just eye contact and positive reinforcement. However, what really makes Nancy special is her practical approach, bright personality, sense of humor, and compassion for both dog and owner.”  

Laura K. :

“Nancy is the best!  She is knowledgeable, friendly, responsive and wonderful to work with.

We love her dog friendly approach to training. Nancy has a magic touch with dogs.

Scout, our 4 year old female Goldendoodle, first met Nancy when she was 12 weeks old.  It was love at first sight – Scout climbed right into Nancy’s lap and immediately did everything she was told.

Nancy’s challenge was to teach us how to train Scout.  Nancy was great working with and engaging the entire family in training.

She has a great sense of humor and a calm, flexible style. We also attended her puppy classes, which were informative and extremely helpful to socialize our dog.

Scout is now happy, well adjusted, and great with dogs and people.  We still call Nancy for advice as new things come up.  100% recommend!  We will hire Nancy again for our next dog for sure.” 



Alice Heinze :

“I highly recommend Nancy Paolucci as an excellent dog trainer. She has been working with me and my dog since he was a puppy, over two years. I didn’t want to have my dog trained with a crate and Nancy worked closely with us to make this possible. She listens to what I think is important. With her exceptional rapport and innovative training methods, Nancy has helped me gain a lot of confidence in handling my dog.” 



Karen Maddalozzo :

“We own two corgis, and have used Nancy Paolucci several times, for their behavioral problems and introducing my daughter’s dog to them.

Nancy shows a great love for dogs and understanding of their behaviors.  She is accepting of their personalities and quirks.  Nancy understands the different breeds. She patiently observes the animals and offers practical positive suggestions. 

Nancy promptly follows up each interaction with a detailed email providing a summary of the interaction and recommendations.

Her advice works and provides a long-lasting solution to the behavior without changing the dog’s personality. I highly recommend Nancy Paolucci.”