Welcome to Fetch! Dog Training


Training your dog with Fetch! is a Fun, Practical & Positive experience for everyone in the family.


Why Fetch? Fetch is a fun way to interact and bond with your pup, but did you also know that it’s a great opportunity to practice other behaviors as well?


In one session of Fetch, you can practice: Sit, Wait, Eye Contact (Watch Me), Fetch, Come and Drop It.


The great part about Fetch is that it doesn’t even feel like you are training, but with so many repetitions, your dog is learning and building on those behaviors each time!


At Fetch! Dog Training, my goal is to make training fun so that everyone will be successful.



Fetch! Quality Services

We offer convenient schedules for dogs and their owners.

Whether you are interested in Private Training, Group Lessons or Virtual or Phone Consultation, we will work with you and your dog(s) to meet your unique needs.

Private Lessons

In-Home Private lessons are a great way to get the one-on-one training attention that you and your dog need. Our most in-depth offering!

Group Classes

In Group Lessons, I train you to train your dog. We have a variety of options for age of your dog, experience and length of class!

Remote Consultations

Remote consultations offer a fantastic alternative to Private or Group lessons. Ideal for a quick refresher on a behavior or issue!  Phone or virtual Remote Consultations Available.